End of Financial Year March 2021

As a Local Council authority, we need to post the following documents as part of our annual audit for the year ending 31st March 2021:- We are a smaller authority with turnover less than £25,000 so we are registering for a Smaller Authority Audit.

If you would like to examine the Accounts this is by appointment, please see the Notice of Public Rights and contact the Clerk who will be happy to help you and make an appointment.

Lisa Dent/Clerk and RFO Crudwell Parish Council tel: 01285 658172

Email:  parish.clerk@crudwell-pc.gov.uk


AGAR Form page 1

AGAR Form page 2 Guidance Notes

AGAR Form page 3 Cert of Exemption

AGAR Form page 4 Annual Internal Audit Report 20-21

AGAR Form page 5 Annual Governance Statement 20-21

AGAR Form page 6 Accounting Statements 20-21

Asset Register

Bank reconciliation

Designated Responsibilities June 2021

Internal Audit Report 2020-21

Items of Expenditure over £100

Land ownership

Notice of Public Rights

Variances 20-21