How we Spend your Money

The primary source of income for most Parish Councils comes from the Precept, which is a local tax collected by the County Council on behalf of the Parish. This money is required to run the council and pay to maintain and improve the facilities, activities and services that local Parish Councils provide, and is normally the operational cost difference between expected expenditure and income in any one year. The Parish Council sets the precept to cover its expected spending over the year . This Precept is the main source of funding for Crudwell Parish Council;

In 2022/23, the precept was £15, 731.50 or £29.79 for each Band D property.

For 2023.24, the precept is £15,831 or £29.79 for each Band D property and 0 per cent increase


Here – Details of the Crudwell Parish Council Budget 23-24

Crudwell Parish Council is also required to maintain reserves that may be earmarked for specific purposes.

So, what do residents get for their money? Here are a few things:-

  • We arrange to have the grass cut throughout the parish.
  • We own and maintain the childrens play area and the open air gym, arrange safety inspections and provide repair and maintenance.
  • We provide litter bins and seating, and erect signs and notices around the villages where necessary.
  • We own two bus shelters in the village, one in Chelworth and one in Crudwell by the Glebe field.
  • We own and maintain the Memorial Garden.
  • We manage 13 allotments and collect annual rents.
  • We provide editorial for local press releases and the Crudwell What’s On newsletter.
  • We are responsible for the setting up, and paying charges relating to the Village MyCrudwell website.
  • We own  notice boards located at The Wheatsheaf, Tuners Lane, Village Hall, Chelworth, Bus shelter and Eastcourt and keep them maintained and usable.
  • We provide financial help to a number of local groups and charities.
  • We are responsible for the annual planting of bulbs around the village.
  • We are responsible for the maintenance and management of the Christmas Lights in the village.
  • We monitor the trees in the Parish.

The Parish Council is a formal consultative body for all planning applications that are lodged in Crudwell. The Parish Councillors comment on all applications and will object to or support the applications as they feel necessary, and taking residents’ views into account.

Elections every four years allow parishoners to vote for local candidates to sit on the council, and an Annual Parish Meeting is held each year for you to voice your opinion on the important issues affecting Crudwell.

You have the right to attend any meeting of Crudwell Parish Council, and a time is reserved at the beginning of every meeting for residents to ask questions and/or make statements on any item on the meeting’s agenda. You will also have access to a local councillor, within easy distance of you and easily contactable, who will help wherever possible or signpost you to someone who can.

The Parish Council liaise with the Wiltshire Council Area Highways Engineer regarding defects or repairs needed to roads and pavements in the Parish.  We also provide tasks to the Parish Steward to attend to.

All income, whether from the precept or our operations, is directed towards undertakings and projects that the Council believes will benefit Crudwell, Murcott, Eastcourt, Chelworth and Chedglow, i.e The Parish and/or its residents.

We are transparent in all our dealings and with the exception of those protected by law, all our documents and financial records are available for public inspection and scrutiny. Most are available to view on our Web Site here, please contact the Clerk if there is something specific you would like us to provide.


Community Infrastructure Levy report

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge that local authorities can set on new development in order to raise funds to help fund the infrastructure, facilities and services needed to support new homes and business.

Please find CIL report below from year end Mar 2018 to year end March 2024

Parish Council CIL Expenditure Report