Broadband in Crudwell, might be of help

From a resident, we thought we would pass this on, please make your own investigations as to what is best for you, we are not endorsing using any specific provider but it may be of assistance!

“I only learned about it after noticing my broadband getting really slow, especially at weekends or holidays and wanting to improve it.

 Ringing around suppliers I learned that Crudwell’s copper supply cable is limited in load so providers are cutting our service to match its small capacity – they call it “traffic management”.

 Optic Fibre cable is unlimited and I saw it being led into Crudwell last year. However unless we ask for a plug-in at the exchange we are stuck on the old slow, costly and restricted service. 

All the usual suppliers can make this plug-in but Carphone Warehouse and E E seem best. They can offer 7 times faster Internet speed at about a 30% saving on our old internet & phone service.”