Financial Audit for year end 31st March 2023

We are currently preparing our accounts for audit, through the internal auditor and external auditor PKF Littlejohn.

Documents will be detailed here below:-

Crudwell PC Report 2022-23

AGAR form



Crudwell Internal Audit Report 2022-23

Items over £100

Councillors Responsibility – 2023

Asset register closing March 2023 (also shows land ownership)

Completed public rights   This notice, announced on 16th June 2023, details the dates of inspection which are Monday 19th June to Fri 28th July and other details.

Completion of audit   Conclusion notice, sections 1, 2 and 3 of the AGAR form

Crudwell Annual Financial Audit – Year ending 31st March 2022

As a smaller authority with a turnover under £25,00 we have listed our financial documentation here, in accordance with the Transparency Act:-

Designated Responsibilities June 2022

Public Rights 2022

Land ownership and Asset register closing March 2022

Expenditure over £100


Bank reconciliation

Crudwell Internal Audit Report 2021-22

Completed AGAR form

Certificate of exemption



Name and address of External Auditor

PKF Littlejohn LLP (Ref: SBA Team),

15 Westferry Circus,

Canary Wharf,

London E14 4HD



End of Financial Year March 2021

As a Local Council authority, we need to post the following documents as part of our annual audit for the year ending 31st March 2021:- We are a smaller authority with turnover less than £25,000 so we are registering for a Smaller Authority Audit.

If you would like to examine the Accounts this is by appointment, please see the Notice of Public Rights and contact the Clerk who will be happy to help you and make an appointment.

Lisa Dent/Clerk and RFO Crudwell Parish Council tel: 01285 658172



AGAR Form page 1

AGAR Form page 2 Guidance Notes

AGAR Form page 3 Cert of Exemption

AGAR Form page 4 Annual Internal Audit Report 20-21

AGAR Form page 5 Annual Governance Statement 20-21

AGAR Form page 6 Accounting Statements 20-21

Asset Register

Bank reconciliation

Designated Responsibilities June 2021

Internal Audit Report 2020-21

Items of Expenditure over £100

Land ownership

Notice of Public Rights

Variances 20-21


Conclusion of Audit 2019

The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/234) set out what we as a Parish Council must do at the conclusion of the review.
We are required to:
- Prepare a “Notice of conclusion of audit” which details the rights of inspection, in line with the statutory requirements.
– Publish the “Notice” along with the certified AGAR (Sections 1, 2 & 3) , including on our website.
– Keep copies of the AGAR available for purchase by any person on payment of a reasonable sum (£1.00).
– Ensure that Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the published AGAR remain available for public access for a period of not less than 5 years from the date of publication.

Please contact the Clerk for any information you require.

Lisa Dent

Clerk/RFO – Crudwell Parish Council





Completion of accounts audit 2018

We have received notice that the external audit of Parish Council accounts for 2018 has been completed and below is a link to the completion documents.

This includes:

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Section 1 and 2 of the Annual Governance Statement

Section 3 – External Auditor Report and Certificate

Completion documents 2018

**The accounts and Return form are available to be provided to any person on request, details on the Notice of Conclusion of Audit.**


Annual audit year ending 31st March 2018

Having submitted our accounts through an Internal Audit from Auditing Solutions, we now publish the documents below as we submit them to External Audit by LLP Littlejohn.

Please note the accounts are available for inspection from 11th June until 20th July (by appointment) from the Clerk.  Full details are on the notice below.

AGAR Return form

Asset Register at 31st Mar 18

Bank reconciliation at 31st Mar 18

Cashbook 17-18

Internal Audit Report 2017-18

Notice of Inspection

Payments over £100



Finance/Audit for year end 2017

Crudwell Parish Council will be undertaking its internal audit (provided by Auditing Solutions) on 20th April 2017.  Accounts are to be submitted to external auditors Grant Thornton by 30th June 2017.  We will be posting all documentation here as we progress along the audit.

Update 8th September 2017, Conclusion of Audit 2016-17

We have received notification from external auditors Grant Thornton that the audit process has been concluded and the (1)External Auditor Certificate and Opinion and (2) Notice of Conclusion of Audit are attached below.  There will be new external auditors appointed next year, we will advise in due course.

Notice Conclusion 16-17

Ext auditor cert-opinion