Audit for year ending 31st March 2020

Crudwell Parish Council is an ‘Exempt Authority’, as at year end 31st March 2020 our annual income/expenditure was less than £25,000 for this financial year.

To meet our statutory requirements we need to publish  the following documents, the day before the public rights period commences:

Published/uploaded on Friday 3rd July 2020 (one working day before our public rights period commences on  Monday 6th July 2020)


(a)      Accounting Statements Section 2 of AGAR Part 2 


(b) Completed Rights Notice – notice of public rights and notes which accompany the Notice

and which sets out—

(i) the period for the exercise of public rights;

(ii) details of the manner in which notice should be given of an intention to inspect the accounting records and other documents;

(iii) the name and address of the local auditor;

(iv) the provisions contained in section 25 (inspection of statements of accounts etc), section 26 (inspection of documents etc) and section 27 (right to make objections at audit) of the Act, as they have effect in relation to the authority in question;


Additional Documents


(c)       Variances completed 2019-20

(d)       Bank reconciliation

(e)       Internal Audit Report AGAR

(f)        Auditing Solutions Internal Audit Report 2019-20

(g)       Designated Responsibilities June 2020

(h)       Asset Register March 2020

(i)         Land ownership

(j)           Expenditure over £100